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Whisbi transforms your desktop and mobile traffic into qualified leads, and those leads into sales by combining chat, phone and real time video.

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Revolutionary customer experience

Enhance online customer experience through live video communication and personalized assistance in real-time.

Higher sales and conversion rates

Better monetize web visits and online leads, boost cross-selling and up-selling and make retail stores more productive.

Universal & flexible

It doesn’t matter where your customers are, whether they are on the streets, at home or in the office. All they need is an internet-enabled device of any kind.

100% cloud based

Your customers will not need to log in, download or install any software or plugins; nor will they need speakers, microphones or camera.


Easy and quick start

Interactive omnichannel experience automatically activated in less than 5 seconds, by clicking on a clearly visble Call-to-Action button.

Advanced customization

Personalized design and on-site implementation, depending on your business needs. Give your customers a fully branded experience.

Full tracking

Tracking & Reporting with our powerful Whisbi Deck for better sales performance plus ROI control through the whole customer journey.

Customer satisfaction survey

Customers are encouraged to give feedback about their experience after the session, providing valuable information to improve performance.

Business impact

  • Form


  • Phone


  • whisbi


    conversion rate

  • store


  • Chat


  • x2Cross-selling
  • x2Average order value
  • 90%Customer satisfaction

How does it work?

Universal omnichannel experience.

Thanks to our patented solution we can sync a normal phone call with a seamless interactive online experience, i.e. live video, co-browsing, chat and tracking.

Engaging Call-to-Action

Whenever potential online customers are browsing on your website, they are invited to connect with your sales representatives thanks to a clearly visible Call-to-Action button integrated into your website.

Our Click through rate typically exceeds 20%

Personalized Landing Page.

The customers can leave their contact information to request an immediate callback.

A hotline number may also be provided.
In both cases the Whisbi experience starts automatically.

Alternatively customers can book an appointment for the live video showroom experience. This prevents losing leads that don’t have time at that moment.

The sales rep welcomes the customers.

The customers gets connected to your sales representative at the showroom.

As part of the personal interaction the customer can see the face of the sales person via video communication whilst the two are talking on the phone.

Real Time video.

With one click the sales rep connects the camera of a smartphone or an external camera.

The sales rep is walking around the showroom and is showcasing the vehicles in real time to the customer, while talking on the phone.

Google Glass
Moblie App

Show your products with

Let your online customers see your products in all their dimensions, literally through the eyes of your company representatives who are using a smartphone, or other digital, camera. The online shopping experience has never been this realistic & powerful.
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Teleport your online customers
to where your products are.

Teleport them with one click to any live showroom, contact center or store.

Bridging E-commerce and Retail like never before

Your online store
Your retail store

Tracking & reporting.

Track the whole customer journey

Our powerful Tracking & Reporting tool, the Whisbi Deck, lets you track the whole customer journey from click-through to interaction to closed sales.

This way, you can get a better understanding of your customers’ behavior and gain key insights such as: where your online customers are coming from, i.e. which online sources, web pages and campaigns are driving more traffic and sales; which devices are used prior to reaching out to your company etc.

Tracking your sales conversion rates in real time helps you optimize your commercial operations and establish better ROI control of your sales and online marketing budget.

You can also evaluate and compare the individual performance of your sales people, which helps you identify potential room for improvement or set up a realistic incentive system.

Success Stories

Watch the stories of our favorite pioneers.


See how Vodafone improved their online retail experience with a wow effect


Omnichannel car sales innovation by teleporting web visitors to a unique showroom

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Success stories

We’re here to help. Just give us a call and our specialists will answer all your questions.
Tell us a bit about yourself and we’ll be in touch right away for a live demo of Whisbi’s solution.
See our selection of client success stories across countries and industries.

Want to know more?

Questions? Call us

We’re here to help. Just give us a call and our specialists will answer all your questions.

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Book a demo

Tell us a bit about yourself and we’ll be in touch right away for a live demo of Whisbi’s solution.

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Success stories

See our selection of client success stories across countries and industries.

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