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Increase your sales on the phone by showing your products online

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Higher customer satisfaction with Whisbi

Through Whisbi’s patented technology you can add to a normal phone call with your customers the possibility to:
Show your products and offers online through web sharing.
Converse with your customer by phone and web text chat.
Show the face of your business through online video communication.

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Whisbi is universal and easy to use

Software as a Service Solutions

Our solutions have been thought to help large and small businesses to sell more and provide better customer service.
Whisbi brings to the market the best of the Phone (High sales conversion, High voice quality, 100% reach) and the best of the Internet (Show your products and offers, Video communication, Fast and efficient).

Increase sales and conversion rate

Traditional phone and online sales systems struggle to convert customer prospects into sales and the cost of lead generation is getting higher and higher.

Whisbi SaaS solutions improve sales and conversion rates by more than 100%, reduce call handling time and cost per client acquisition

Enrich communication with your customers

Traditional remote sales and customer service systems lack of human touch and struggle to create true engagement with customers.

Whisbi revolutionizes the way businesses can connect live with customers adding real time web content sharing and video communication to phone calls, resulting in +50% customer satisfaction.

Track and Control in Real-Time

Traditional remote and online sales systems struggle to measure and control the process from click-through to call center or sales rep engagement up to close the sale.

Whisbi`s technology includes a powerful dashboard and reporting tool that in our most advanced solutions is able to track from click-to-lead-to-phone-to-sales like no one in the market.

Seamless Integration

The Whisbi code

<script id='mycompany' type='text/javascript' src=""></script>

Easy To Get Started

See results immediately. Just two lines of code embedded in your website and you’re up and running. Save time, money and human resources with the Whisbi solution. Whisbi’s technology can be easily added to any website.

Who’s already using Whisbi?

  • KPN
  • Fiat
  • Telefonica
  • Vodafone
  • Iberdrola
  • Citi
  • SKY

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