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Increase your sales on the phone by showing your products online

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The best of the phone and the best of the internet: that’s Whisbi!

PHONE is by far the most

used channel by customers…   who connect with companies for sales or customer service reasons.
Whisbi is a
phone call
Whisbi is a phone callWhisbi is a
phone call
whisbi is an
Online interactive UX
Whisbi is a web interactive UXwhisbi is an
Online interactive UX

More than 70% of these

customers are in front of a device with a browser   Which is a great opportunity your business cannot miss.

Our patented and award winning technology syncronizes any inbound or outbound phone call with an online interactive experience.

whisbi room

Whisbi is universal and straightforward

Your customers

will not need to login, download and install any software or plugin will not need speakers, microphones or camera.

Your business

will only need to add one line of javascript in the html code of your webpage, no further installation, configuration or setup.
<script id=’srcFasiClient’ type=’text/javascript’ src=”http://www.staging.whisbi.com/client/” /script>

Whisbi’s business impact

  • x4 sales conversion rate
  • x2 cross selling and upselling
  • +90% customer satisfaction

Average Conversion Rate

Chat24 %

Top players and many medium and small businesses can’t be wrong

When we first saw Whisbi we were not sure of its real capabilities However when the results started to come in we transformed ourselves into ...
E-commerce Manager Vodafone - Jose Luis Pablos -
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Discover Whisbi in one minute

Increase your sales on the phone by showing your products online with Whisbi