Phone as an inbound channel: How to avoid mistakes and increase sales [INFOGRAPHIC]

In our fast-paced, tech-savvy digital age, one might assume that customers prefer digital communication whenever possible and won’t resort to traditional methods. And they would be proven wrong.

Mistake #1: Underestimating the importance of phone

In fact, old habits die hard. Trends clearly show that phone is still by far the most frequently used channel when it comes to customers reaching out to businesses. And this is not a peripheral phenomenon, neither in terms of geography nor in terms of market size.

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Using video to build consumer trust in B2C e-commerce

In order to have a successful business relationship both sides need to trust each other. But…What is trust?There are a lot of definitions for it. Trust is a feeling or belief about the integrity, kindness and ability of the other party. We learn to trust others by observing their behavior. A great deal of trust is earned when somebody fulfills a promise they had made before, for example.Trust is therefore build through time. Several interactions with the same person give us a background that we can use when we have to choose whether to trust him or her or not. Affection has a part in building trus...

Customers demand omnichannel communication but they still prefer voice

The usage of email, chat and social media for interacting with companies is an increasing trend but phone-based communication is not declining and, despite the variety of channels available, customers still rely heavily on the telephone. The data comes from a survey to 7,000 consumers in seven countries that aimed to to find out more about the gap between consumer expectations and what shoppers experience in the real world.

According to the survey customers demand that brands offer support through a ...