The Whisbi working environment is designed around people not processes. We grow careers and offer colleagues a challenging and rewarding arena and remit. Whisbi encourages free thought and celebrates new ideas and initiatives.

What we’re looking for?

To understand more about Whisbi, and whether you’re the perfect fit we’re looking for, take a look at the definition below:

Why work at Whisbi?

Whisbi is a disruptive company; not just to ‘be different’, but to innovate, compete and to constantly improve – ourselves, our products and our service to our Customers. We utilize smart business practices and technology to enable smarter information procurement.
We are, at our heart, a technology company, but we know that technology is nothing without the people behind it.

Whisbi – A definition

Whisbi is an organization built within and upon a framework that defines who and what we are; it is integral to everything we do and guides every business decision. We believe it’s what makes us truly unique.

We Develop

Technology meets creativity. At our very core, we are a technology company constantly developing and improving our software to better enable businesses to increase sales and enhance customer service by showing products and offers online. We build, test and develop ideas. Creativity guides our development.

We Challenge – The old way is not always the best way. We challenge processes – testing and refining; challenging ourselves to deliver a smarter service
We are Development Orientated – We can always improve: our product offering to Customers, our processes and ourselves
We are Disruptive – Can we do this better? – We challenge the accepted norms and introduce real solutions to our Customer’s business.
We Grow – If we constantly improve our knowledge, skills and services, we grow our relationships with Customers

We Analyse

Data means knowledge. We bridge the gap between having information and understanding information. We make data work for us. Analyze everything.

We are Thorough – We are in the business of information; we use information to understand
We Examine – Just because it’s an ‘accepted truth’ doesn’t mean it’s right – we explore, dig deep and keep a spotlight focussed on ourselves
We Work Things Out – Solving challenges is not only fun, it ensures competitive advantage
We are Efficient – Zero-waste policy! – Streamlined, fast development iterations and a clear direction, always
Implement With Force – due diligence has been observed; deliver well, deliver fast

We Co-operate

Co-operation means excellence. Synergy is the key to success and co-operation leads to the whole being stronger than its individual parts.

We are Specialized – We don’t hire generalists; we each have specific skills, knowledge and passions that are unleashed in everything we do
We are Experts – We are thought leaders, not followers. If knowledge is missing – learn or hire
We are a Team – Ego stays outside – we share, we learn, we co-operate, we develop, we deliver, we succeed
We are Symbiotic – everything we do is inter-related and inter-dependent

We are Decent

Would you tell your mother about it? If not, don’t do it!

We are Honest – with ourselves, with each other and with our Customers
We are Respectable – Good manners cost nothing!
We are Passionate – We don’t just enjoy what we do, we love it!
We are Responsible – Build a sustainable business that truly adds value to everyone and everything that we touch

What does Whisbi do?

Our patented and award winning technology is able to add to any inbound or outbound phone call the possibility to:
1. Show online in real time products, offers or any content the business wants to show through co-browsing
2. Show the face of the sales or customer service person through an online video communication
3. Track and control everything in real time with a powerful analytics and reporting tool able to track in our most advanced solution from click through-to-phone call-to-closed sale like no one in the market.
All together, All synchronized and All in real time.

Whisbi has gained momentum across large, medium and small enterprises for the high sales conversion (+100%) and customer satisfaction rates (+90%) generated including Vodafone, Telefonica, Citibank, SKY and Fiat.

What Next?

If you feel your ready for your next challenge, take a look at our open positions and apply.