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Mobile shopping cart abandonment might kill your business tomorrow

Mobile commerce is growing faster than traditional desktop-based e-commerce. Therefore, combating abandonment on smartphones and tablets is critical for sales success. Not to mention the role of these devices in the omnichannel purchase journey. In order to successfully combat shopping cart abandonment, the future lies in universal, flexible solutions.

Why do people abandon a purchase on mobile devices?

In 2018, the value of m-commerce will be as much as e-commerce was around two years ago. That is a shocking yet exciting thought. Tablet-based shopping will grow even faster than purchasing on smartphone and we can count with a massive explosion.

Still, only one out of ten customer completes the purchase on a smart device nowadays. We are so attached to our smartphones, carrying them like a fifth limb, then why don’t we shop more on them? There are numerous potential reasons leading up to mobile shopping cart abandonment. However, they are usually rooted in the customer experience, the alpha and omega of retail success of our days.

Is the checkout process too complicated? Does it feel good to use our solution on the small screen? Does the experience work equally well when the bandwidth is poor for some reason? All these questions are crucial when optimizing multi-device sales operations.

The lack of responsive design or poor UX (small buttons, tedious scrolling, fragmented descriptions, tiny images and what not) won’t convince anyone to make a purchase and empty their cart. Note: this is often the most overlooked step. Forcing customers to complete the same complicated order forms without live support is another surefire way to hinder sales conversion.

Not to mention the problem when the customer’s internet connection on the mobile is not good enough and the site’s features don’t even really work well under these circumstances. Seventy percent of customers expect a site to load on mobile devices just as quick as on desktop, so imagine how off-putting a sluggish experience is.

These problems deteriorate the brand image and lead to shopping cart abandonment. It is not easy to create a winning mobile shopping experience on the first attempt, but A/B testing or customer feedback or a solution with built-in conversion tracking surely help. Luckily, there also are universal technologies that are device agnostic and provide the same joy on all devices, browsers and screen sizes.

Some tips to combat mobile shopping cart abandonment

Besides mentioning the relevance of universal customer experience solutions in general, there are specific steps to take in order to stop people from abandoning a cart.

First of all, simplify the customer journey. Reduce the number of steps and lengthy forms. Speed up your mobile site.

Then, businesses may also use push notifications to follow-up with abandoners. Sending a notification offering free shipping or a special promotion may turn those people around.

More importantly: let your mobile customers talk to a knowledgeable product expert in real time whenever they have a question. Finding information or evaluating how the products really look like on small screen is even more challenging than on a computer. Encouraging your shoppers to reach out to you may activate that necessary last trigger to make a purchase decision when it comes to mobile shopping.

Comparing cart abandonment: mobile commerce versus desktop e-commerce

Currently, mobile commerce takes up quite a small percentage of the total macroeconomic e-commerce revenue. However, translated to numbers, its expected value will still reach a remarkable six hundred billion US dollars by 2018. By the way, looking at the figures only would not be fair. Considering that mobile commerce outpaces e-commerce with its thirty percent annual growth, companies who snooze will lose.

The difficulty is that mobile conversion rates are even lower than those of desktop shopping (one study found it a little more than two percent). The average order value also lags behind.

As explained earlier, responsive, universal solutions that leverage the multi-device customer behavior provide the best way to diminish the threat of mobile shopping cart abandonment.

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