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Our omnichannel patented technology is able to synchronize any normal inbound or outbound phone call with an interactive online experience, i.e. video, co-browsing, chat and tracking. All at once and in real time. Whisbi is 100% cloud based. Your customers will not need to log in, download or install any software or plugins; nor will they need speakers, microphones or camera.
They can enjoy this experience on any device with a browser, no matter where they are at the moment.

One-way video communication

Show the face of your sales assistant.

Use one-way video communication as part of the interactive online experience in real time for a sense of trust and a truly personal interaction.

Your customers will feel absolutely comfortable, as they will be able to see you but you won’t see them.


Facilitate online sales in real time

Thanks to our co-browsing functionality, your sales team can showcase selected offers or products to your customers, in real time while using a phone to connect.

Share any document live; e.g. presentations, offers, product sheets, web pages, running appllications or any other content with the customer, demonstrating your benefits more effectively.

Use co-browsing to help the customer fill out an order form in real time, accelerating the checkout process and making sure the deal gets closed.

The experience will help convince more customers in real time, increasing sales conversion rates over the phone and online.

Wearable camera integration

Can you imagine your sales reps wearing smart glasses?

Whisbi’s unique technology lets you show your products online, via real-time video streamed with the camera of wearable devices, e.g. smart glasses such as Google Glass or Epson.
This way, your customers can see the physical products in all their dimensions, through the eyes of your sales people!

This novel approach brings the powerful immediacy of an in-store experience to the world of e-commerce, helping you increase your sales conversion and provide an exceptional customer experience in real time.

Android integration

The Whisbi effect with a smartphone camera

You can also use a smartphone to show your physical products to your remote customers in real time.
You just need is an Android device and Whisbi´s app that comes for free with any Whisbi for Retail & E-commerce plan.
Switch between your Android´s front and back camera any time to demonstrate how your products work and look like or interact with your sales team by showing their face.

Live Chat

Exchange key information

Whisbi offers convenient text web chat as part of an interactive omnichannel experience in real time.
Use the live chat any time during the conversation with your customer to exchange useful information such as personal data, technical information, web links or names difficult to sound out.


Convert web visits into engaging live sessions

Invite your customers to reach out to you any time thanks to a clearly visible Call-to-Action button. It is fully integrated with your website. This floating button solution will ensure that the highest rate of site visitors will see and click on it.
The mission of this customizable Call-to-Action is to convert web visits into meaningful interactions with your customers.

Three ways to access the Whisbi experience.


Customers can leave their phone number to request a free callback. The Whisbi session is activated automatically, in less then 5 seconds, combining a phone call with a unique interactive online experience in real time.



Customers can call your company phone number as usual. A pre-recorded voice will ask the customers to enter the displayed PIN. The Whisbi session is activated automatically, combining the normal inbound call with a unique interactive online experience. You will also be able to access the customer phone database.


Pin-to-Whisbi is the easiest way to share the Whisbi experience. When you are on the phone with a customer, you only need to ask them to provide the PIN displayed on your website to start an interactive online experience.

Customer survey in real time

Learn from your customers

Customers are encouraged to provide feedback after each session, rating their Whisbi and sales experience.

This valuable information will help your company optimize the customer experience, assure high quality standards, evaluate your sales team’s performance to identify potential room for improvement.

Social Media

Turn your customers into your advocates!

After the Whisbi session customers are encouraged to share their unique experience along with the news regarding their recent purchase with their peers.


Informing social circles about your product and services can contribute to your positive brand recognition and improve your Net Promotor Score. Additionaly it will drive relevant traffic to your website through word-of-click recommendation.

Multilingual user interface

Catered to your global needs

Share the Whisbi experience with your customers all over the world without language barriers.
The user interface (from Call-to-Action to instructions to customer survey) can be customized according to your target markets.

Customizable experience


Whisbi offers advanced customization options including design and a Call-to-Action.

For example, place the Call-to-Action button on key product pages or at crucial conversion points. These can be places such as a checkout page to trigger interactions with customers and reduce shopping cart abandonment. Decide when and to whom the button shows – e.g. during specific business hours according to your capabilities.

The Whisbi “Smart” Landing Page:
In case your sales people are busy at the moment our smart system offers your customer alternative options: . wait until your representative becomes available, try again later or return to the website and order through your online form.

Tracking & reporting

Track the entire customer journey

Our powerful Tracking & Reporting tool, the Whisbi Deck, lets you track the entire customer journey from click-through to interaction and closed sales.

You can gain a better understanding of your customers´ behavior and collect key insights such as: where your online customers are coming from, i.e. which online sources, web pages and campaigns are driving more traffic and sales; which devices are used prior to reaching out to your company etc.

Tracking your sales conversion rates in real time helps you optimize your commercial operations and establish better ROI control of your sales and online marketing budget.

You can evaluate and compare the individual performance of your sales team, which help you identify room for improvement or set up a realistic incentive system.

Lead nurturing.

Don’t lose any sales opportunity

Whisbi’s advanced lead nurturing functionality will make sure no business opportunity gets lost.


Never lose a lead every again due to an unexpected issue or simply because your phone lines were busy. Each lost inbound call can be transformed into a call back.


Customers can be automatically re-contacted via phone call or SMS 48 hours after the initial contact – nurturing valuable potential opportunities.

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We're here to help. Just give us a call and our specialists will answer all your questions.
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Tell us a bit about yourself and we’ll be in touch right away for a live demo of Whisbi’s solution.
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Success stories

See our selection of client success stories across countries and industries.
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