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Digitize your customer journey & bring face-to-face experience online

Instantly connect your online leads with your sales agents in physical stores

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Whisbi is Enterprise ready

Flexible & Scalable

With Whisbi you can easily adjust the amount of your agents, groups or widgets. No limits. Just scale up and down as you go.

Role-Based Access Control

In the admin workspace you can assign different roles to your individual team members and also further specify the permission rights of each of these roles.

Service Times

Define how your conversational sales solution behaves outside of your working hours – e.g. activate chatbot only, remove the chat function or let web visitors book appointments unassisted.

Custom Chatbots

With our technology based on IBM Watson, you can customize your chatbots to your own logic – allowing them to behave differently depending on the webpage or campaign and run A/B tests with no fuss.

Multichannel integrations

Integrate your analytics and CRM platforms for real-time campaign data management. Connect Whisbi leads to your  PBX and use existing telephony or CTI connection to automate agent operations.

Data privacy standards

As a cloud software solution hosted on AWS, data privacy has always been a crucial topic for us. With Whisbi, you’re guaranteed to abide your country’s regulations.

API access

Customize your Whisbi experience. Make our platform work exactly as you want it with our flexible APIs.

Advanced Analytics

Measure your performance goals with our built-in analytics. Gain a better understanding of your customer’s behavior and collect key insights through world-class analytics and reporting.

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Unmatched experience with Enterprise

For nearly ten years, we’ve developed conversational sales solutions and implemented them as a sales channel across a wide variety of industries – fueling more than six million sales conversations up to date. Take advantage of the experience that we’ve poured into our solutions.

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