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Whisbi’s Virtual Selling platform helps brands achieve 100% of their web revenue potential through online sales conversations powered by video!

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Success stories

See why enterprises use Whisbi to accelerate
online revenue

Lead follow-up and conversion

Maximize lead-to-sale conversion rates and minimize wait time for your customers.

“We transformed our website into a lead generation tool for our dealerships!”

Mohamed Ehab,

Head of Marketing & CRM,
Hyundai Bahrain

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Improve online customer experience

Best in class online purchasing experience makes you stand out from the competition.

“Thanks to Whisbi our customers are having a very positive experience with the brand. We are achieving NPS rating 9.2 out of 10!”

Matjaž Vračko,

Residential Sales Director

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Boost unassisted sales

Offer a more engaging shopping experience to your online customers and increase your online conversion rates.

“The world’s biggest technology firm achieved 5X increase in sales for broadcast viewers!”

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Lead generation

Achieve higher visitor-to-inquiry conversion rates than in any other digital channel.

“Hyundai Live is setting a completely new standard in online car buying, bringing a dealership experience online with live video!”

Salvador Jordán Rosiquez,

Head of Marketing and PR,
Hyundai México

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Increase Online Revenue

Identify untapped revenue potential and deliver incremental sales without cannibalization.

“We wanted to provide our online customers with personal sales assistance in real-time, so they could ask questions and get instant answers.”

Mathias Strandberg,

Head of Digital strategy,
Telia Sweden

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Increase operational efficiency

Create one sales force for online and offline leads and boost sales while reducing costs.

“A1 Liveshop delivers +40% online conversion rate, providing an in-store retail experience online”

Ivan Vučković,

Head of Digital Business,
A1 Croatia

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Why Virtual Selling?

It’s more important than ever to deliver exceptional, personalized customer experiences online, through new digital sales channels!


It’s built on our industry-leading foundation of Live Commerce and Virtual Sales. Learn more about how it works:

Discover Virtual Selling

The one platform that provides all virtual selling solutions for enterprises

Increase add-to-cart rates & drive product sales with live video broadcasts

Our customers achieved a 5X increase in sales for broadcast viewers!

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Digitalize your sales journey & bring the in-store experience online

Our customers achieved a +30% increase in online conversion rates!

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Get the visitor intelligence to improve your CX & capture every lead

Understand your web visitor behaviour & boost your assisted sales with a sales uplift of more than 10%!

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The ultimate guide to Virtual Call

Find out how Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is revolutionizing online sales!

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Learn how our customers use our virtual selling platform to boost their revenue

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