Google Glass helps Whisbi open a new chapter in omnichannel retail revolution

Everyone is talking about the emerging need for connecting the worlds of online and offline retail and going truly ‘omnichannel’. Now, Whisbi is really making this happen, creating a patented solution that will revolutionize the world of retail.

Our SaaS solutions have been acclaimed for effectively combining the best of phone and online communications. Well, we’ve just added an exciting third dimension: physical stores.

Why customer experience is the new competitive advantage [INFOGRAPHIC]

The European Commission regularly publishes white papers tackling the most significant business innovation trends that have high impact on the economy and people’s lives. In their recent ‘Customer Experience - Enhanced Customer Support’ report, they've envisioned an exciting new era that will fundamentally shape the future of business.

Customer-centric company revolution: how to stay competitive

In this brand new customer landscape, transformed by forces such as the multi-channel, multi-device customer journey or the need for omnipresent immediacy and advance...

Phone as an inbound channel: How to avoid mistakes and increase sales [INFOGRAPHIC]

In our fast-paced, tech-savvy digital age, one might assume that customers prefer digital communication whenever possible and won’t resort to traditional methods. And they would be proven wrong.

Mistake #1: Underestimating the importance of phone

In fact, old habits die hard. Trends clearly show that phone is still by far the most frequently used channel when it comes to customers reaching out to businesses. And this is not a peripheral phenomenon, neither in terms of geography nor in terms of market size.

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