77% of telecom customers demand more human interactions online

Customers are no longer confined to physical stores for purchases - it is time for telecom brands to unite all channels in order to meet with customers’ expectations. Modern shoppers are seeking personalized relationships for an enhanced experience on all channels during the entire buyer's journey. The telecom industry has come under strain in recent years, even though the number of network subscribers continues to increase, bundle packages are reaching market saturation levels at “Read more

How a top SaaS startup in Barcelona became a global leader in conversational sales

This year marks Whisbi’s 10 year anniversary. Founded in Barcelona by Alex Bisbe (CEO) & Jose Luis Cantero (CTO), the SaaS company quickly became a global leader in conversational sales, with offices in Barcelona, Madrid & San Francisco. The company was created with one mission in mind: helping B2C companies to connect with customers online and increase their digital sales revenue.

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