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Customer experience innovation in car insurance online: Fénix Directo

About Fénix Directo

Fénix Directo is part of Allianz Group. Since it was founded in 1991, Fénix Directo has been one of the leading companies in the direct insurance sector in Spain. It is the only company in the market with a Quality Management System consistent with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, whose scope extends to all activities and processes. This certification supports the daily work that Fénix Directo does and shows the trust placed in the company by its more than 260,000 customers.


The direct insurance market is highly competitive in many countries such as Spain.

  • The economic crisis and the breakthrough of new technologies have led to a revolution, with customers increasingly demanding better insurance products, lower prices and an immediate yet high quality service.
  • However, not all customers are aware of the differences between the various insurance products existing in the market, nor of the different financial capabilities of insurance companies to be able to meet any unexpected event that may occur.

This translates into a growing ‘commoditization’ of insurance, especially for automobile. In many cases, price is the main ‘driver’ in the decision-making process. Car insurance is an intangible product and the only way to solve this equation is by improving efficiency and pursuing differentiation.

The question was: is it possible to do something different and groundbreaking in the insurance business?

Fénix Directo has always been characterized by its innovative approach, and by its commitment to find new ways of helping customers and stay close to them. For this reason, Fénix Directo got in touch with Whisbi, to help them:

  • Go one step further and offer an interactive experience to their customers
  • Whilst also optimizing sales without cannibalizing the deals already being closed online or by the telephone.

In a nutshell, to drive more sales and create a better customer experience.


Fénix Directo decided to implement a Whisbi Sales Booster solution – tailored to their needs – in order to provide their clients with a personalized, interactive online experience in real time, to help close sales.

Prospects surfing the net can request to be attended by a company representative without leaving navigation, accompanying them through the purchase process and solving the issues that could otherwise impede closing the sales.


Fénix Directo is now able to:

  • Show the customer the range of products and offers online and in real time, using co-browsing.
  • Share relevant information by simultaneous use of web chat as needed.
  • Help close sales during just one interaction by assisting the customer in filling out an order form in real time at the end of the interaction.
  • Customers can now also see the sales specialist via online video communication solution, which makes the initial contact a lot warmer and more transparent, achieving a high level of trust similar to that of face-to-face consulting.

Furthermore, in order to ensure top quality standards and satisfaction at all stages, customers rate their customer experience at the end of each session and are encouraged to share it on the most popular social network sites like Facebook and Twitter.


Overall, Whisbi helped Fénix Directo increase sales, keep customers satisfied, enhance the company’s presence in social media and acquire new customers.

The company has succeeded both in:

  • Improving customer experience and increasing remote selling by closing more transactions in real time
  • Whilst also optimizing the ROI associated to sales activity.

Apart from conversion optimization, Fénix Directo has obtained valuable information regarding the sources of qualified leads and why a conversion might have failed. All thanks to Whisbi’s tracking and analytics functionality, from click-through to closed sales. This helped them adapt their business strategy to their customers’ requests and be able to profile prospects accordingly, selecting and offering the solutions best suited for their individual needs.

88 %
Service quality
16 %
Online sales growth
93 %
of customers attended within 5 seconds of requesting an interaction

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