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How Vodafone increased sales by 25% using Whisbi

About Vodafone

The worldwide leader in mobile communications with a presence in 27 countries and Partner Networks in an additional 32 throughout the five continents. Vodafone Spain serves around 13 million customers, who benefit from the experience and capacity of this world leader for connecting in the mobile world.

When we first saw Whisbi we were not sure of its real capabilities. However, when the results started to come in we transformed ourselves into Whisbi believers. Whisbi exceeds customer expectations and has really helped us offer the best possible multi channel experience.
-Jose Luis Pablos- E-commerce Manager, Vodafone


Over the past few years the telecommunications market has drastically changed. The financial crisis has caused a customer revolution. Today’s customer wants the best possible offer proposition at the most reasonable price and with the best possible service. This does not necessarily mean that you have to be the cheapest, but that the way of attracting and responding to a customer’s needs has to be more creative and interactive. This is why Vodafone got in contact with Whisbi to help them provide an exceptional experience to all of their potential customers.

Vodafone’s intentions were to increase sales made on the phone without cannibalizing the deals that were already being made through the online customer registration form. Whilst doing this they also wanted to improve the customers’ experience by offering them a more interactive, helpful and useful communication channel.


Whisbi created a tailor made project for Vodafone in Spain, which included our core technology plus trained and qualified sales agents.



We also changed the Vodafone telesales concept by training the sales agents to fill in the online form for the customer during the call, which helped bring together telesales and online sales and create a very profitable relationship. Apart from these core aspects of the project we also included an online survey and the option to share the experience online via popular social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. In a nutshell we helped Vodafone Spain increase sales, obtain truly satisfied customers, grow their social media presence and generate new customers.  Also, with the Whisbi tracking and analytic tool, Vodafone are capable of tracking from where the initial interest was generated (display, SEO, email etc…) up until the who, when and why of the closed sale. By knowing all of this information they are able to optimise their online strategy and improve ROI of marketing campaigns.



24 %
Sales Conversion Rate
25 %
Online sales growth
90 %
of customers are very satisfied with the new service
93 %
of customers attended within 5 seconds of requesting a call

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