Whisbi is changing the way people connect with brands online.

Global brands such as Vodafone, T-Mobile, Toyota, Volkswagen, Fiat, Media Markt, Axa, Allianz have at least doubled their sales conversion rates and experienced a 600% increase in customer engagement thanks to the Whisbi effect. We are growing at a rapid rate with ground-breaking projects within large enterprises in major sectors within Europe and the U.S.

Our revolutionary SaaS solution is a real-time customer engagement platform and is 100% online. We help businesses increase awareness, sales conversions, monetize online visits and make online assets more productive all while offering a unique customer experience.

The Whisbi platform includes two solutions that you can combine:

Whisbi one-to-many video chat

  • – Engage with your online audience.
  • – Reach ten to hundreds with just one presenter.
  • – Announce launches, demonstrate products, present promotional offers, host open webinars and live events all while answering your audiences chat questions in real-time HD video seamlessly on your website.

Whisbi one-to-one solution

In one click Whisbi automatically teleports online visitors to stores, showrooms or contact centers.

Customers can see products and offers through web sharing or real-time video while talking on the phone with a company rep. The customers can literally see the products online through the eyes of the rep. The rep is based in a store or showroom, using a smartphone (or other digital cameras) to share live video with your customer.

Our solution is patented, universal and cloud based. No plug-in or software required which means your customers can use any browser or device regardless of their bandwidth.

Signs of success

  • 100+ employees
  • 400% revenue growth in 2010-2014
  • 150% SaaS growth in 2015
  • US patented technology
  • International awards
  • Partnered with leading industry brands
  • HQ in Barcelona and San Francisco Bay Area

Awards and Recognitions