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Conversational Sales Assistant

Capture & qualify more online leads, and grow
sales through real-time conversations

Use conversations to classify & qualify web visitors and connect them to your experts

With our Hybrid model (bot + human) we transform your existing sales workflows into conversations. The bot takes care of the simple routine tasks and allows humans to use their time with complex conversations, to create solutions for customers.

What’s included

Sales Convertor

We transform your existing sales and support workflows into conversations that classify and qualify web visitors, using Whisbi’s artificial intelligence technology based on IBM Watson.

Whisbi One-to-One

Connect your online leads to your sales experts in any physical location in real-time based on your business rules, using our One-to-One solution.

Whisbi-powered Conversational Agents have a user-friendly interface which increases their performance. With tools like web-sharing, live messaging, live video & file transfer, the agents improve the user experience and close more deals.


Track the entire customer journey from click-through to interaction and closed sale. Gain a better understanding of your customer's behavior and collect key insights through world-class analytics and reporting.

Add Conversational Sales Landing pages
and optimize your PPC campaigns

Replace traditional landing pages and forms with conversations that deliver higher conversion rates!

What makes our solution unique

Smart lead routing and lead qualification

Automate lead routing based on your business rules, qualify leads 24/7 and connect leads to your sales team with artificial intelligence technology based on IBM Watson.

Connect leads with sales experts in real time

Use our Convertor to capture intent in the moment and speed up sales cycles instead of relying on old-fashioned forms.

Conversational tools
& features for closers

✓ Real-time video
✓ File transfer
✓ Web sharing
✓ Live messaging
✓ Bookmarks for agents

Enterprise-level integrations

Connect Whisbi with tools like Salesforce, Google analytics and more to sync data and automate workflows.

Conversion rate per sales channel
















Trusted by the world’s leading Enterprises

Over 200 tests drives booked each month on Toyota’s website

How Vodafone’s Virtual Store increased online sales by 2

How Vodafone’s Virtual Store increased online sales by 25%

Guide to Conversational Sales

How Conversational Sales works, how it benefits brands and how to implement it as a strategy.

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