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Widen your funnel with One-to-Many video broadcast solution

Increase customer engagement & deliver more delightful customer experience on your website with our One-to-Many Video Broadcast by Whisbi solution.

Together with our guided selling solution you can classify and qualify the broadcast viewers based on your business rules and close more deals completely unassisted!

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What’s included

Video Broadcast by Whisbi

One-to-Many live video: Send your brand message to unlimited number of viewers online through live video broadcast, using just a tablet.

Live chat: Your web visitors are invited to interact in real time by asking questions through the chat function.

Guided Selling Chatbot

Transform your existing sales workflows into conversations that qualify and convert. Get results based on your current resources, so you can quantify the cost efficiencies and evolve with confidence using Whisbi’s artificial intelligence technology based on IBM Watson.

SMS Campaign Manager

Replaces your traditional SMS marketing campaign with an engaging invitation to join your next live broadcast about your latest product or service. Bulk notify your customer database to reactivate leads ahead of and during a broadcast. It is the X-Factor for digital transformation engagement!


Track the entire customer journey from click-through to interaction and closed sale. Gain a better understanding of your customer’s behavior and collect key insights through world-class analytics and reporting.

Bring a personal touch to your digital channels

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What makes our solution unique

Video activation button

Drastically increase your click-through-rates and attract more people to join your live broadcast with our new video activation button! Make your visitors aware of live streaming events on your site and capture their attention with a live preview of the stream.

Live video & live chat

Your live broadcast viewers can interact with your presenters live via the chat function. The presenters can read the questions and answer in real time during the broadcast.

Live Video Shopping

Unlike other live stream platforms, our solution allows your website visitors to add items to their basket without needing to leave the live stream!

Flexible solution to launch broadcasts or campaigns

Launch broadcasts within hours and the only thing you need to take care of is the content and the presenters. We can host your broadcasts on a Whisbi subdomain – easily configurable URL, displayed on the SMS messages used in the SMS Campaign to notify your database about your online event.

Enterprise-level integrations

Connect Whisbi with tools like Salesforce, Google Analytics and more to sync data and automate workflows.

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