Google Glass helps Whisbi open a new chapter in omnichannel retail revolution

Everyone is talking about the emerging need for connecting the worlds of online and offline retail and going truly ‘omnichannel’. Now, Whisbi is really making this happen, creating a patented solution that will revolutionize the world of retail.

Our SaaS solutions have been acclaimed for effectively combining the best of phone and online communications. Well, we’ve just added an exciting third dimension: physical stores.

Just think about it for a second: if your company is spending precious time and money on promoting your products online and driving traffic to your website, why would you redirect your valuable online leads to call centers or third-party webshops, running the risk of losing them in the funnel?

What if you could just ‘teleport’ them to your physical store that otherwise practically used to stay deserted during low-traffic business hours? And what if you could couple it with a WOW effect?

Whisbi For Retail & E-commerce: omnichannel revolution with the power of wearables

Our disruptive innovation, Whisbi For Retail & E-commerce leverages the exciting business opportunities that wearables and smart glasses such as Google Glass or Epson have opened up to retailers. With Whisbi, you become able to virtually ‘send’ your online leads to any physical place at any moment and close more deals in real time, right as your customer and your sales representative are talking on the phone.

Let’s say you are a company selling smartphones. Also, let’s take a potential customer named ‘John’. Since it came out in the market, John has been thinking about getting the new iPhone 6, but he wanted to look around first to make sure he’d pick the best offer and it’s worth upgrading from his 5S. This is how John stumbles upon your website. A well-visible, engaging Call-to-Action button is kindly encouraging him to reach out to you whenever he has a quick question. John is still hesitating about getting a new iPhone, so he asks for a free callback on the phone.

The magic happens in less than 5 seconds: the normal phone call is synchronized with an interactive online experience in real time.

Thanks to live video streaming, John ‘arrives’ at your physical store in the blink of an eye. He is literally able to see everything through the eyes of your sales assistants equipped with Google Glass, other smart glasses like Epson or using the camera of an Android smartphone. While talking on the phone with John, your sales person can show what the different products look and feel like ‘in real life’; in our case, demonstrating features of iPhone 6 by using it or comparing its size and appearance to other devices.

Your sales person may even assist him with the checkout process, filling out the online order form while sharing the screen through co-browsing, exchanging information that is difficult to spell out via chat. In the meantime, you can track the whole interaction from click to phone call to sales with the help of our powerful analytics and reporting tool for better optimization and ROI control.

This is the story of a journey that had started on the internet; continued with a phone conversation; turned into an omnichannel experience, then converted into sales in real time. And the plot could have been easily altered, with wearable-geared sales assistants walking around a furniture showroom, sitting in a displayed car at a dealership or suggesting matching garments and accessories in a real fashion studio.

The online shopping experience has never felt this real and universal

Customers can enjoy this genuine real-time experience independent of where they are; may they be out on the streets with a smartphone, relaxing on their couch in pajamas while shopping around on a tablet or sitting in front of a computer. All they need is a phone connection and an internet-enabled device.

Finally, the cherry on top: the destination – i.e. the physical place you virtually send your leads to – doesn’t necessarily have to be your regular store. It may be a small branded corner at a department store, a key partner vendor, a pop-up shop or a specifically designed showroom that is otherwise closed to the public. Just to get more adventurous, it might as well be in the middle of the desert in Nevada or on a ship in the Mediterranean Sea. The sky’s the limit. (Or not even that…?)

The point is that you are absolutely free to create a rich experience of any kind, depending on your brand vision and sales objectives. Then, thanks to the Whisbi For Retail & E-commerce technology, you can share it with your customers in real time, in a personalized way, at any stage of their purchase journey.

The online shopping experience has definitely never been this realistic and universal, bridging time and space like never before.

Our pioneer projects – including Vodafone and Movistar flagship stores turned into omnichannel shopping destinations – have created great excitement among customers and delivered promising first results, proving that this revolutionary customer experience can help companies of all sizes and verticals close immediate deals during just one interaction.

The omnichannel revolution has just reached a whole new level; Whisbi will change the way customers buy in the future. Are you ready?

See it in action.

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