Increasing Automotive Sales Revenue From Digital Channels 

Now that a growing part of the customer journey occurs online (81% of buyers now conduct online research before making a purchase decision), Automotive organizations face increasing pressure to become digitally innovative if they are to remain competitive and relevant.

To see digital success today, this means Automotive brands must adapt to cater to modern customer expectations, taking a mobile-first mindset and creating digital micro-moments to accompany and support the customer successfully through their buying journey.

As digital experience technology has evolved, digital channels are a more viable option for better and more personalized customer engagement; it’s now possible to use digital channels in a number of ways to create improvements in sales revenue from digital channels.

Digital experience enhances your ability to transform online visitors into active viewers

For example, by offering viewers a live engagement solution (where viewers can speak to a real person face-to-face, see products live and ask questions), sales representatives can respond in real-time and support an onward sales journey such as booking a test drive, or pre-ordering a car. Essentially, by using real-time engagement to address barriers to sale, you create a faster, more straightforward conversion path.



Digital experience helps to increase the quality lead engagement

With a chatbot functionality embedded within a live video chat solution, it’s easier to encourage conversion and increase lead volume. Of course, lead quality remains important – but chatbots play an important role here. Within a complete digital experience platform, they can be used at the outset to segment engaged viewers; by asking questions based on their online behavior. This helps to move quality prospective customers down the sales funnel by redirecting them; such as to an online order form, product page, or a one-to-one digital showroom session with a dedicated brand expert. Therefore, sales agents are more likely to receive messages from high-quality engaged viewers who are considering a purchase.

Digital experience creates an accessible face-to-face online 

Following the above, brands can offer a personal, face-to-face, online conversation (such as via a digital showroom), allowing interested viewers to actually see the product live and have questions answered. This can increase sales conversion; as customers are more likely to trust a brand that provides them with this kind of human engagement. And, as Whisbi has found, after a successful call, around 71% of leads go on to book a test drive. To summarize, an all in one digital experience platform, combining a digital showroom, chat, voice and chatbot, can help Automotive brands increase their sales revenue % through digital channels in a number of ways; by connecting their web audience with brand experts in real-time; by humanizing the digital experience and providing customers with a real ‘in-store experience’ online.



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