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Customer interaction in real time: why is it important for your business

If you are a business that sells over the phone and online, personalized, live conversations during the customer journey are invaluable. Not only in form of customer support after the purchase, but even more before or during shopping. Innovative customer interaction technology at all touchpoints can help differentiate your customer experience from competitors and increase conversion rates.

Contact technology enables live communication during and after the purchase journey

By addressing needs and concerns at key conversion points, businesses can convert more visitors into customers during the sales process. Companies can make personalized product recommendations or allay uncertainty that often leads to shopping cart abandonment.

Remote shoppers are quite demanding when it comes to getting instant information. Statistics show that more than two-thirds of shoppers expect live customer support when purchasing online, otherwise they may choose a competitor. Half of them want to deal with their problems during just one interaction.

According to studies, reaching out to the retailer is especially needed when it comes complex products with many alternative options to select from. Or if the necessary information is technical or the product value is high.

Self-service solutions like online order forms or knowledge bases don’t provide a customer experience that lives up to modern expectations.

Also, live representatives integrated in telesales or e-commerce operations can discover valuable spontaneous cross-selling and upselling opportunities . This way, they can effectively increase the average order value.

How customer interaction technology across channels builds engagement

By being able to interact with a live sales representative or customer service agent, you improve brand recognition by establishing a ‘product expert’ image. Such added-value services can differentiate you from the giants on the market. It also eliminates the impersonal ‘assembly line’ sensation that is domineering in online shopping these days.

By proactively encouraging customers to reach out, you also create enhanced trust and transparency, leading to better customer engagement.

The number one aspect that you should consider when choosing a customer contact solution is the customer experience. Multi-tasking, multi-device customers of our times want to be able to switch between different channels and still enjoy the same terrific customer experience

Customer service solutions offering real-time customer interaction

Engaging customer interaction are also important with existing clients. Typically, customer service solutions range from postponed methods (see correspondence in email, SMS or inquiry forms on your website) to various ways to offer live help.

Channels such as phone are still preferred by the digital customer generation. The reason is that people are impatient and they want ‘instant resolution’.

Fast and simple communication via live chat software

Live chat software solutions are the first step towards assisted sales or live help. Your visitors contact you anonymously, fast and for free. It usually also includes basic analytics, knowing what page the customer was coming from.

On the other hand, the customer experience is limited owing to the lack of visual engagement. As a result, chat works better as part of a complex interactive session rather than on its own.

Click-to-call as an advanced way to trigger valuable customer contact

Almost sixty percent of shoppers find it extremely important to be able to call a business while making a purchase. Yet if a Click-to-Call option appears a search result, 70% of customers will use it. Offering a convenient free callback is attractive for web visitors. Paired with engaging Call-to-Action, you can increase the number of promising customer interaction. Meanwhile, tracking gives you an overview of what web pages and online marketing campaigns convert better into contact. Another advantage is the customer data collected that allows lead nurturing.

Co-browsing as visual extra in the customer interaction

Whether in e-commerce or telesales, audio-visual live sessions help companies present products or offers with higher impact. Co-browsing solutions empower sales representatives share presentations, websites or running applications in real time. As customers can not only hear or read but also see the benefits, they are more inclined to make immediate decisions. Live agents can also explain solutions to problems faster.

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