Your new support channel built for the masses

Manage brand reputation, PR and internal communications with live video broadcast

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Put a face to your brand, build instant trust
and deliver more personal interactions at scale

Corporate announcements

Why not bring the same video experience you’re familiar with in your personal life to your internal communications, so you can easily and securely communicate with your employees wherever they are.

Live FAQ

Live FAQ (frequently asked questions) sessions via video broadcast allow your company to answer frequent customer questions in an efficient manner. Manage your brand message around a service or a product and use a live video broadcast solution to share that information with your customers in a unified way.

Crisis Communications

Want to be prepared for a crisis? A crisis can happen at any time and in unexpected ways. However with an effective video broadcast channel in place your company can ensure it is in the best possible position to respond in not only a quick way, but also in a way which mitigates further problems.

Internal remote trainings

A strong employee training & development programme is going to set you apart in your industry. By using a live video broadcast solution for your training sessions, you can ensure everyone gets the same level of training while keeping the cost down.

Planning a new crisis communication for your brand?

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Scalable solution for your mass communication needs

Real time engagement

Have you ever had to communicate important information to hundreds or thousands of people and wanted an easy way to receive real-time questions from your audience? Welcome to Whisbi LIVE.

Stay in control of your brand message

Let your presenters manage & answer all the questions in real time ensuring accurate explanations and the most up to date brand messaging. Your presenters are the only ones who see all the questions/comments coming in on the live broadcast and can block inappropriate users and decide which questions to address first.

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Effortless, quick and effective

Set up your event in seconds! Go live within hours by hosting your broadcasts on a Whisbi subdomain – easily configurable URL. Share the link with your audience and let them ask questions. No internal IT hustle!

No registration necessary

Everyone can ask questions and receive real-time answers from your presenters via live video. Participant anonymity ensures freedom of speech and a smooth user experience.

conversational sales handbook, conversational marketing eBook, conversational marketing conversation, whisbi

Send SMS invitations with a link to the broadcast

Launch an SMS Campaign to notify your database of your online event with an engaging invitation to join your next live broadcast.

Run PPC campaigns promoting live broadcasts

  • Relevant info on Google
  • Better targeting
  • Increase your reach
  • Better customer experience
  • Easy integration
  • Scalable solution

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