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How the luxury hotel chain increased its online sales conversion rate by switching to Conversational Marketing


Travel plans require extensive research and careful comparison. To do that, consumers use different types of services and, therefore, call upon several service providers: housing, transportation, leisure activities, etc. The purchase is carefully considered and can take time. And in parallel, consumers spend a lot of this time online; this way, they can get more information, faster. Social networks, blogs, brand and comparison websites are all helping consumers build their project and influence their decisions. Therefore, it is crucial for brands to be present during every step of the customer journey.  To retain their digital audience and transform them into customers, brands from the travel sector now rely on conversational commerce solutions, which allow live engagement and real-time interactions.

On average, buyers consult 38 websites before booking a trip.

Bahia Principe, one of the leading market players from the hospitality industry, wanted to better use their digital channels to generate highly qualified contacts and increase their online sales.

When consumers see the beautiful promises made by brands, they often have a need for reassurance. They won’t finalize their purchase if they cannot project themselves into a smooth experience. They need information on terms of payment and insurance procedures. This is a significant barrier for online tourism. But consumers are online, and they buy online. Bahia Principe believed they could serve their online customers better, by providing them with real-time advice on digital channels and hence, create a world-class customer experience.



Customer service is a critical success factor for market players from the travel sector: digital solutions need to be built around customer service to provide an optimal and omnichannel customer experience. While the boundaries between physical and digital trade are increasingly blurred, Bahia Principe understands they needed the best possible customer engagement tools in place. Whisbi’s Conversational Marketing platform was in that sense perfect as it aims to bring back a human touch at the heart of customer interactions online.

Juan Campins, Ecommerce & Direct Sales Corporate Director

Our Solution brings the Bahia Principe real agency experience 100% online. In one click Whisbi automatically connects online visitors to company agents in real-time. They are able to show videos to the customers, co-browse offers and fill order forms jointly with the customer and build trust and transparency via voice, chat or face-to-face interactions.

Fig. 1 – Simulation of Bahia Principe experience

Bahia Principe’s web visitors now enjoy this enhanced customer experience which generates a sense of reassurance, trust and a truly personal interaction through live video engagement. Live video chat is successful with online customers because it’s free and immediate. It enables brands to reduce the visitor’s waiting time and promote a ‘‘customer-centric’’ dimension while traditional phone calls place visitors in a position of demand. Bahia Principe was able to connect every online visitor with one of their agents in less than 6 seconds, anywhere in the world!

Bahia Principe was able to connect every web visitor with one of their agents in less than 6 seconds, anywhere in the world!



At Whisbi we know that the best way to engage with consumers online at any stage of their customer journey is to initiate a conversation with them after having understood their expectations. Still, in order for the exchange to be efficient, brands have to engage them at the right time to get their attention. Whisbi’s Conversational Marketing platform does just that – Bahia Principe was able to capture their web visitors’ attention quickly and turn them into customers much faster. The “engagement” factor increased their online sales conversion rate by 35%!

Whisbi also provides a callback option, which enabled Bahia Principe to plan an automatic call-back at the time and date chosen by customers. This tool is useful for targeting visitors when agents are not connected: this way, agents don’t miss an opportunity to transform visitors into customers. Callback proves particularly relevant for Bahia Principe’s international target audience in different time zones.

The fact that web visitors were able to speak to a real person in this crucial research or decision making stage via live video chat, the agents were able to better explain their offers and reassure the customers on their decisions. This had a positive impact on their average ticket value, which is now astonishing $1597!

Choosing the right omnichannel Conversational Marketing solution was crucial for Bahia Principe, as they were in need of a global telephony system to help serve as many customers as possible. They also required a tracking system that could efficiently collect data from different online channels including Mobile. Whisbi was able to solve all these pains as our solution is omnichannel, browser and device agnostic and comes with a 360 tracking tool called “The Whisbi Deck”.

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About Bahia Principe

Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts is currently a division of resorts owned by Grupo Piñero and founded in 1995 with the opening of the Bahía Príncipe San Juan in the Dominican Republic.

“Whisbi offers us a new client relationship model, bringing the product experience closer to the customer and helping us increase our online business, as well as allowing us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.”

Juan Campins,
Ecommerce & Direct Sales Corporate Director

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