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Telecom customer experience innovation: O2 wins award with Whisbi


The O2 brand – operated by Telefónica Germany – had already been offering some communication channels for their online customers to reach out to them, such as hotline and chat. However, they believed that their customers deserved something more exciting and innovative, in line with the spirit of the fast-paced Telecommunication industry. Besides this, they also wanted to drive sales by being able to suggest offers and products to customers in a more effective way – which a plain audio phone call or a chat session failed to deliver.



O2 Germany was truly impressed by Whisbi’s previous results with other companies. They decided to implement the Whisbi Conversational Marketing platform, which captures, qualifies and converts leads from their website and offers an advanced tracking functionality from click-through to closed sales.

Now, whenever potential customers visit the O2 Germany website, a well-visible yet non-intrusive Call-to-Action button kindly invites them to reach out to O2 experts whenever they have something on their mind or they would like to know more about the latest offers and devices. The customers can chat directly with the sales agents or leave their phone number to receive a convenient free callback from the O2 sales representatives (Click-to-Whisbi).

Regina Lange, Head of Telesales

However, the experience the customer receives is much more than a simple callback. In a few seconds, the normal outbound phone call gets automatically synchronized with an interactive online experience, i.e. video, co-browsing, chat, and tracking. All at once and all in real-time.

What does this actually mean to O2 and their customers?

• Telesales reps are now able to demonstrate benefits better by showing selected products and offers to online customers in real-time, via co-browsing. The fact that customers can actually see what the sales rep is talking about makes it much easier to make decisions and close sales in real-time.

• They can compare options and suggest alternatives tailored to the flow of the conversation to boost upselling and cross-selling.

• The company can also show the face of the sales representatives via video communication. This way, the online interaction becomes much more personal, similar to an in-store encounter with a Telco expert.

• Once the customer has decided, the sales representative can help them fill an order form in real-time, sharing his or her screen with the customer and exchanging complicated personal information via chat.

• In the meantime, O2 can track the whole customer journey with Whisbi’s analytics and reporting tool, the Whisbi Deck, from click-through to phone call to closed sales. This helps them gain valuable insights about their customers’ behavior and the performance of their Telesales team members.

Easy as that – another deal put in motion!



Thanks to the Whisbi Conversational Marketing platform, O2 Germany has managed to drive sales and provide their online customers with a truly interactive, personalized customer experience.

In fact, the impact on telesales and the innovative character of the customer experience were so remarkable that Telefónica Germany received a CAt Innovator Award, acknowledging the fruitful cooperation between O2 and Whisbi. This is one of the most prestigious industry awards, recognizing the most successful call center projects in leading European markets such as Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

About O2

The O2 brand is an integral part of Telefónica Germany, one of the leading providers of broadband, landline and mobile telecommunications in the country.

“Everyone at O2 is excited about the new possibilities offered by Whisbi. We believe this is exactly what the users of our online shop would like to receive from us.”

Regina Lange,
Head of Telesales

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