How Vodafone’s Virtual Store increased sales by 25%

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Over the past few years, the telecommunications market has drastically changed. The financial crisis has caused a customer revolution. Today’s customer wants the best possible offer proposition at the most reasonable price and with the best possible service. This does not necessarily mean that you have to be the cheapest, but that the way of attracting and responding to a customer’s needs has to be more creative and interactive. This is why Vodafone got in contact with Whisbi to help them provide an exceptional experience to all of their potential customers.

Vodafone Spain, having approximately 4 million average monthly web visitors, realized they needed a first-class online engagement and conversion tool to help them better monetize on the high amount of online customers browsing on their site each month. They also wanted to help their other channels such as stores, to implement a new type of technology that would streamline the purchasing processes and improve overall customer experience.


The brand implemented Whisbi Conversational Marketing platform, combining live video, real time messaging, voice and chatbot functionalities, to connect with their online audience in real time and improve their online sales conversion rate. Hybrid Conversational Sales drives personalized interactions and enables brands to bring a more engaging experience online and defies traditional marketing limitations, giving brands the capability to reach hundreds of people at once.

Following the success of Vodafone Spain, Vodafone Germany also saw an opportunity to improve their online sales with Whisbi One-to-One solution last year. They have experienced an increase in their online sales conversion rate and their sales coming through the Whisbi solution have increased 3 times in the past year.

Furthermore, the brand has invested in a virtual store, built inside their contact center in order to make bring the in-store experience online.



This new way of communicating online not only boosted Vodafone’s online customer experience and differentiated it from the rest of Telco brands; it has also proven to increase online sales conversion by 24% and enrich Vodafone’s digital channel mix. Vodafone Spain has clearly achieved success by driving customer engagement. This includes cross-channel integration, speed and ease of user journey, the launch of new channels and upselling between the channels.

Thanks to the Conversational Marketing platform, Vodafone has as well improved their engagement by 19% and customer satisfaction rate – the webpage with Whisbi One-To-Many live video chat scored the highest NPS score!

What is more, the lead capture solution functionalities integrated into Vodafone’s live video chat, help the brand to segment the audience and push engaged viewers further down the funnel towards a sale. The chatbot message appears in the chat after a viewer has asked a question to the live presenter: “Seems like you are interested. Would you like to be attended personally?” If the viewer clicks on YES button, the chatbot re-directs them to a Whisbi Hybrid Conversational Sales session, where the customer can have a more personal one-to-one chat with the dedicated Vodafone expert.

30% of online customer conversations were managed through Whisbi’s conversational technology and the conversion to lead is 2.6%, which is, on average, astonishing 400,000 leads per month!

By providing a human service online through the live video chat, combined with an intuitive chatbot engagement, Vodafone was able to reduce the complexity of omnichannel marketing and enable exceptional experiences for customers across the entire buyer journey. As a result, Vodafone’s online sales share has increased to 20%, and the Whisbi solution represents 50% of these sales.

The whole customer experience is unified on Vodafone’s website, which means it is much more brand focused and also easier for the brand to reach their entire web audience. Vodafone is also able to drive traffic to their live video sessions from any digital advertising campaign. This feature has increased their ads conversion rate by 3%, rather than only shifting the channel mix.

The process is also more seamless for Vodafone’s customers as participation in this session does not require any login, plugin or download.

Vodafone is also able to drive traffic to their live video sessions from any digital advertising campaign. This feature has increased their ads conversion rate by 3%, rather than only shifting the channel mix.

Whisbi’s Conversational Marketing platform did not only provide Vodafone Spain with a better online customer experience but has also given Vodafone greater recognition as an innovative leader in the sector and has promoted the image of omnichannel.

Download our full success story to get in detailed info on how Vodafone is boosting online sales with the Whisbi Conversational Marketing platform.

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Vodafone is one of the biggest telecom providers in the world and operates in over 27 countries worldwide and has partnered with another 35 countries. With over 500.000 million customers worldwide. Vodafone is a well-established brand and seeks to lead the telecom industry to the digital era.

“Whisbi has positively influenced our online sales and we also see a higher sales conversion rate compared to traditional phone channels.”

Julia Koellges,
Head of Digital-Assisted Sales & Online Projects

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