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Turning web visitors into customers with real-time demos


“Knock knock…” Silence. Making website visitors interested enough to fill in your contact form is one of the hardest things to achieve on your website as a B2B Marketing Director/CMO. Typically only 2% of website visitors leave their contact details and you’ll be left wondering: do I have what they’re looking for and will they come back?

At Whisbi we had the same challenge, how can we convert our web visitors into customers? We set ambitious goals for ourselves to grow our revenue by 100% in 2020 and the way to scale was by increasing the number of leads generated through our website with assisted sales! 

As part of the new website project that was launched in early 2020, we saw the opportunity to implement Whisbi. We presented this new idea to our sales team, focusing on the benefits for them and the company. We wanted for our Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) to use our own conversational technology and connect with our web visitors in real time. As Whisbi integrates with our CRM (Salesforce), this allows for a holistic view into customer behaviours, marketing activities and sales results, and how that impacts the bottom-line of the business.

One of our main OKRs for 2020 in the marketing team was marketing operations. It was all about focusing on sales & marketing alignment, which would provide results, like generating more pipeline from inbound and optimize our sales & marketing funnel from the top down. 

Another very important OKR for the team was increasing sales velocity and shortening the sales cycle. Everyone that has experience in selling a SaaS product or a solution to Enterprises knows that the sales cycles can be 9 to 12 months long, involving up to 7 decision makers and… let’s just say it takes a (marketing & sales) village!



We’ve implemented our own Guide and Sell solutions on our website: and removed all the standard lead gen forms. We did this to give our web visitors a more direct, personal & real-time connection with our sales team. Harvard business review has published a research which shows that the ideal lead response time is under 5min! This was our main motivation for implementing this drastic change in our buyers journey, and the results speak for themselves.

We used Whisbi Guide at the start of every new online conversation in order to ask some qualifying questions and capture the lead info, before we connect them with our sales agent. The convertor is filtering incoming leads between support and sales, in order to only send the hottest leads to the sales team. We have tested many different copies/questions/input fields in order to increase our website conversion rate for this channel and generated more qualified leads for our sales team. 

Our whole team of SDRs are connected to the Whisbi service and available within our working hours, from 9AM to 6PM CET, Monday to Friday. In case we have a web visitor trying to connect out of hours, the Whisbi Guide informs them about our working hours and offers them an option to schedule a call for another time and date. This is very important as in this way, we are also able to capture leads that would otherwise be lost.

Today’s B2B buyers have a shorter attention span than ever before – including higher expectations when it comes to engagement, interaction and service. We wanted to make the buyer’s journey as seamless as possible for our customers. Through Whisbi Sell we’re connecting hot online leads with our sales experts in real time, which helps us achieve a higher conversion rate through assisted selling.

Our SDRs are able to use tools such as screen-sharing, chat & live video to give our web visitors personalised demos in real-time! No need to schedule a meeting and arrange a demo in advance. This saves customers valuable time and helps to accelerate deals.

The Whisbi Live Engagement Platform helped us turn inbound leads into new customers faster than ever before. We found that leads generated through this channel were well-informed & better qualified as they already saw the demo and understood the benefits that our platform has to offer, before even speaking to an Account Executive. Urska Blagojevic, Marketing Director



With the Whisbi Guide and Sell solutions we have transformed our existing marketing & sales workflow into conversations that qualify and convert. Here are some amazing results Whisbi sales channel brought to Whisbi in 2020:  

* We included the cost of our product in the ROI calculation to make it representative.

Want to know how much money you are leaving on the table? Go to our web calculator and get a personalized report on what additional revenue you can achieve with Whisbi!


About Whisbi

Whisbi’s Live Engagement Platform helps brands maximize website value and convert more web visitors into customers by engaging & guiding them at every step of the customer journey.

Whisbi shortens the time between intent and purchase by connecting with your website visitors in real time through smarter routing and lead qualification.

The company has unparalleled experience working with global enterprises in telecommunications, automotive, travel, insurance, and banking. As the chosen partner for some of the world’s biggest brands, such as AT&T, Nissan, and Hyundai in the USA, Whisbi plays a crucial role in omni-lead strategies that boost online sales through customer experience. Whisbi’s industry-specific insights, workflow customization, and AI-powered services have helped its customers to increase their online sales conversion rate tenfold and double their cross-selling.

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‘Thanks to Whisbi, we were able to generate more qualified opportunities from our website with an average sales cycle of just 30 days! Whisbi is our best performing inbound channel in terms of revenue generation and win rates – the ROI has an unbelievable 12:1 ratio! After experiencing all the benefits of real-time customer engagement, we also got the buy-in from our SDR team who all love to use it. And we all know how important adoption is in SaaS success!’


Urska Blagojevic
Marketing Director at Whisbi



‘Our SDR team enjoys being connected to our One-to-One solution and getting the hottest leads on a silver platter. It allows them to create qualified opportunities the easiest and additionally it gives them the chance to practice first demos themselves. On top of that we got numerous positive feedback from prospects on being able to see a full demo at the first touch.’


Hellen Weber
Sales and Marketing Manager

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