Telco brands in the age of conversational commerce: Avoid missed opportunities online with live engagement

Telecommunication companies have been battling it out against one another for the best offers, promotions, bundles etc. E-commerce became a big opportunity for telcos in the sense that it has created an ocean of online offers for customers to choose from.

With many telcos going digital, customers are overloaded with numerous marketing messages coming their way when only a few are actually relevant to them. Telcos should make it easier for the customers to find them by finding them first. Studies have shown that a major part of the customer research journey regarding a product or a service is happening online. People are becoming more prone to buying online because it’s more convenient and time efficient than visiting a physical shop. This means telcos need to provide added value to their website visitors with engaging conversational commerce solutions.

The key is to catch the customer’s attention instantly at the start of their research and avoid missed online retail opportunities.

This is where conversational commerce solutions can help telco companies improve their live engagement and increase their online sales conversion.


Conversational Commerce solutions are a combination of the chatbot, live video, chat, and voice and have been developed around the idea of creating real-life conversations online. They help brands improve the way they communicate with their customers. We have seen conversational commerce solutions being used mostly as a customer support tool, however, this article is focusing on marketing and sales use cases.

The most important thing to know about conversational commerce is that it helps marketers be more customer-centric and follow their journey through product awareness, decision-making, purchase and brand loyalty.


What a better way to put your viewers in the centre of your marketing action than through live engagement? This works wonders because it transforms your online visitors into active viewers and helps build trust. Having a live video chat embedded on your web page increases the average time spent on your site and lowers the page abandonment rate by 27%. This new approach also increases the number of customer interactions by 118%, average page viewing time by 19%, and improves online sales conversion rate by 40%!

However, what you say is as important as how you say it. Live video engagement solution on your website will only have the right effect if your brand experts deliver creative and entertaining content. Live video chats have proven to be very engaging and can provide real-time help to online customers, who need to make a decision on whether your brand can provide them with the right product/solution they are looking for.


With the increasing use of chatbots, brands are now able to segment their customers on their website between those that are just browsing and those who have a real purchase intent. What this means for Telcos is that they can create a more personalized approach when engaging with customers online. Having a chatbot can help start a conversation with your web visitors, while they are browsing your site. Or you can use the chatbot to redirect your engaged web visitors to a specific landing page or your call center, where they can get a more personalized assistance in real-time. The live engagement is not only more appealing and human than a standard text chat, it can also serve as your CTA and help redirect online customers to a landing page of your choice (one to one chat/phone call, online form, product page etc).

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Customizable chatbot feature embedded in the live video chat

With Whisbi’s all in one conversational commerce solution, Vodafone Spain successfully bridged the gap between over-the-phone and in-store customer service and has created a more engaging online experience for their online visitors by setting up an online Virtual Store. As a result, Vodafone’s online sales share has increased to 20%, and Whisbi’s conversational commerce solution represents 50% of these sales.


Live video chat with a dynamic presenter and valuable content is a great way to grab your online visitors’ attention. Yallo, a Swiss-based telco company has recently started to use conversational commerce solution for a better live engagement and they are not afraid of getting creative!

Have a look: 

When thinking about the content for the live sessions, ask yourself what would make your customers watch the live video, think about questions or concerns that they might have and most importantly, make sure that you answer their questions in real-time. The content must be built around the customers and their needs. You can use live video chat as a way to promote a new product or to launch a new promotion etc. You can promote it via your social media platforms as a teaser to catch the customer’s’ attention and to make them want to tune in live.

Conversational Commerce solution is helping brands reach higher online sales conversion rate, by adding a layer of interactivity to their marketing campaigns. In 2017, live video marketing is leading the customer engagement game with solutions like live video, chat, voice and chatbots, all of which are customer-centric and bring the traditional face-to-face interaction online.

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