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How Hyundai Mexico generates over 100 test drives per week for their dealerships via their website. Hyundai Live has been an amazing platform to approach their online customers and is setting a completely new standard in online car buying journey.


How Three UK builds confident purchases with customers online by allowing them to get up close and personal with their live interactive demos. Their expert presenters can address everything customers need to know in order to choose which device to buy.


How A1 Liveshop delivers +30% online conversion rate with real time customer support. The brand wanted to create a new and innovative channel to support customers while shopping online with competent personal sales consultation.


How SKODA UK delivered over 2000 car tours and increased the number of leads sent to dealerships. The Whisbi platform enabled the brand to introduce potential customers to SKODA, and generate more test drives for their Retailer Network.

“More than two-third of our customers say, that with this technology we stand out from our competitors. Whisbi has positively influenced our Online Sales and we also see a higher Sales Conversion Rate compared to traditional phone channels.”

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Julia Koellges
Head of Digital-Assisted Sales & Online Projects, Vodafone

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