The store of the future: brick-and-mortar retail meets omnichannel

Some time ago, retail stores were little more than four walls with endless aisles, racks and shelves of merchandise inside. Then came e-commerce, taking the ‘tangible’ away from the experience. It was all about offering the best price, beating search results and getting the product fast into shoppers’ carts, then homes. Nowadays, the future of the shopping is at the intersection of digital and physical.

Omnichannel innovations shaping the store experience

More than two-thirds of retailers believe that developing a more engaging in-store experience is soon going to be business critical. Half of them also expect retail operations to undergo significant changes upon implementing a unified commerce platform. And it’s by far not a ‘push’ type of trend. Shopper studies continuously reveal that customers demand retailers to think more creatively when it comes to merging their sales channels.

No wonder that in-store innovations are blooming. Click-to-collect, sidewalk shopping, interactive displays, geo-fencing, digital storytelling, smart mannequins, connected showroom experience, augmented reality…just a few of recent novelties in retail technology.

A day in the life of an omnichannel customer in 2020

Let’s go on an imaginary customer journey from home to store and back. Our infographic not only reveals the latest trends but also flashes some exciting insights and real-life examples. These technologies are already being used by pioneer companies and over the next few years, they have a good chance of becoming a staple of the retail world.

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