Top 40 list of omnichannel retail influencers to follow

No one denies the business impact of creating a better fusion between digital and physical channels. But who is driving this transformation?

A look at cross-channel news sites and thought-leaders

Sources have already collected the fastest growing omnichannel retailers or even the top women in omnichannel retail companies. Time to provide an overview of the advocates on the other side of the table; thought-leaders, industry professionals, consultants and media outlets, among others. (Featuring one truly peculiar candidate – do you recognize him?)

To set the record straight before hurting any feelings, this list is not a ‘ranking’, neither has a direct interdependence with follower count. It is based on some investigation online and especially in Social Media, with regard to the nature and relevance of the topics these influencers regularly cover. (We’ve only included people who primarily publish or share content in English.)

As well all know, internet expands faster than the universe itself and we’d love to continue adding new names to the collection to keep it up-to-date. Please feel free to suggest anyone we might have forgotten about.

Top omnichannel retail experts and consultants on Twitter  

Aurelia Ammour

Co-Founder at iVentures Consulting; expert in digital transformation, e-commerce and omni-channel. Co-creator of eShopper Index.

Twitter: @aammour


Benjamin Rund

Working at Informatica Corporation, independent provider of data integration software. Tweeting about retail business technology.

Twitter: @benrund

Linkedin profile

Bill Mirabito

Representing Massachusetts-based B2C Partners, omnichannel retail e-commerce consultants.

Twitter: @bmirabito

Linkedin profile

Brendan Witcher

Principal analyst at Forrester Research, covering e-commerce, omnichannel, personalization and digital business strategy.

Twitter: @BrendanWitcher


Bryan Eisenberg

Founder and CMO of retail location optimization company IdealSpot. Keynote speaker and best selling author.

Twitter: @TheGrok


Carol Spieckerman

Retail speaker and strategist to global suppliers, brand marketers and solution providers. Her website features interesting interviews with thought leaders and industry professionals, too.

Twitter: @retailxpert


Chris Radmilovitch

Digital luxury and Pinterest expert, ‘fond of economics, marketing, e-commerce, social media, brand content’.

Twitter: @radmilovitch

Pinterest profile

Christine Bardwell

Ex-Ovum and IDC analyst. Omnichannel retail expert and independent consultant.

Twitter: @C_Bardwell

Linkedin profile

David Altman

Advisor focused on the intersection of transformation, digital technology and consumer goods.

Twitter: @davidaltman

Linkedin profile

Diane J. Brisebois

President & CEO of Retail Council of Canada. Passionate about retail and ‘this great industry’.

Twitter: @LoveRetail


Doug Fleener

Consultant helping retailers and other customer-focused companies improve their customer experience.

Twitter: @dougfleener


Ernst Kruize

Customer Interaction Expert, always trying to bridge the gap between on- and offline channels and all touch points.

Twitter: @ErnstKruize

Linkedin profile

Errol Denger

Director of Commerce Strategy at Adobe. Innovating omnichannel retail customer engagement by ‘experience driven commerce’.

Twitter: @ErrolDenger

Linkedin profile

Fernando Rivero

He says marketing is his love, internet is his passion, omnichannel is his vision – we couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

Twitter: @Fernando_Rivero

Linkedin profile

Gino Goossens 

Director of omni-channel strategy & innovations and dedicated CrossFit athlete, all in one

Twitter: @allchannelscomm

Linkedin profile

Jason Michaels

Chief Strategy Officer at Wire Stone, digital marketing partner of leading global brands. Tweets about customer experience, wearables, digital novelties and so on.

Twitter: @50champ

Linkedin profile

John Hooper

Thoughts and tweets about customer service, marketing, omnichannel, sales and e-commerce.

Twitter: @DRMRYD

Linkedin profile 

Josh Brammer

Creating innovative e-commerce solutions with an omnichannel edge with special attention to B2B retail.

Twitter: @ideasbyjosh


Karl Meier

Tweets from the front lines of data, omnichannel and retail.

Twitter: @Karl66078875

Linkedin profile

Kristi Soomer 

Expert in strategy and brand coaching for online retailers at Retail Bliss with tweets about digital innovation, in-store and so on.

Twitter: @kristisoomer


Lisa Seacat DeLuca 

Omnichannel tech strategist who is proud to be IBM’s ‘most prolific female inventor’ and mother of dragons (aka twin boys).

Twitter: @LisaSeacat

Linkedin profile

Manon Snijders

Marketing consultant and world traveller with expertise in Marketing, CRM, Omnichannel, Digital, Customer Experience.

Twitter: @ManonSnijders


Matthieu Bodin

Based in Hong Kong, working at a digital agency after 2 years in retail, with passion for omnichannel thinking and startups.

Twitter: @MaBoXiu 

Linkedin profile

Mihai Dragan 

E-commerce and omnichannel retail enthusiast.

Twitter: @MihaiDragan

Linkedin profile

Nicole Reyhle 

Founder of RetailMinded Magazine, a ‘lifestyle publication’ covering both online and brick-and-mortar shopping. Co-founder of Independent Retailer Conference.

Twitter: @RetailMinded


Per Svanström

‘Jedi knight’ with a passion for omni-channel e-commerce and online marketing.

Twitter: @persvanstrom


Rich Kizer & Georganne Bender 

Professional speakers, retail strategists, authors and consultants forming a power couple – who are actually married, ‘just not to each other’.

Twitter: @kizerandbender


Saba Shukat 

Marketing in mobile advertising, loyalty, payments and digital with interest in Internet of Things, wearables, omnichannel and their connections to branding.

Twitter: @saba_shaukat

Linkedin profile 

Travis Ebel

Internet and e-commerce professional focusing on the convergence of retail, tech, mcommerce, geotargeting etc. Interesting collections.

Twitter: @travisebel

Linkedin profile 

Top media outlets for omnichannel retail news and insights


E-commerce news for omnichannel retailers

Twitter: @Evigocom


MultiChannel Merchant

News on e-commerce, operations & fulfillment, and marketing.

Twitter: @mcmerchant


OmniChannel Media

A technology media company that provides insights into the technologies leading this evolution.

Twitter: @OmniCMedia


Retailer Insight 

Intel discusses customer-centric strategies to help retailers thrive, including digital signage and inventory management.

Twitter: @RetailerInsight

Linkedin profile


Tech company with in-store customer engagement & analytics solutions. Their blog features omnichannel-related content like infographics and guest posts.

Twitter: @RetailNext


Retail Online Integration

The retailer’s guide to cross-channel success

Twitter: @retailonlinemag


Retail Technology Review

Dedicated to the products and solutions needs of end users within the retail sector. Announcing multi-channel tech news as well.

Twitter: @RetailTecReview


Retail TouchPoints

Their Cross-Channel Strategies section offers readers a look at successful promotions, campaigns and programs applied by industry leaders.

Twitter: @RTouchPoints



Discussion forum and business tips in topics including omnichannel.

Twitter: @retailwire


US National Retail Federation’s division to connect retailers and industry pros who know and love the world of digital retail.

Twitter: @shoporg


+ 1: Omnichannel Octopus 

May the Omnichannel Octopus tell the future of the retail world just like the late eight-legged Paul did during the soccer World Cup 2010?

Twitter: @omnichannelocto 

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