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Agent by Whisbi is an easy-to-use sales app to qualify leads and convert them into customers.

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Connect your sales experts with hot online leads in real time

Ensure real people in real time can respond to customer interest & convert leads into customers. Agent by Whisbi iOS app allows for greater operational efficiency and an improved buying experience for the customer which leads to increase in conversion rates.

Instantly create memorable experiences for your customers and increase the likelihood of purchase

Session management tools

Connect incoming web contact to a sales agent

Send pre-qualified leads from your web to a store/call center/dealership/home-based sales agent in the moment when they are considering a purchase and need expert help or advice.

One-touch handling of incoming and scheduled calls

The requests tab makes it easier to prioritise and oversee the incoming chat requests, scheduled calls and incoming calls through the Whisbi platform with just one click on the interface.

Turn every call into a Whisbi session with PIN outbound

The sales representatives can use Whisbi conversational tools on any phone call. All that is required is a web page displaying Whisbi PIN number which can be used to sync the sales representatives session with the session of the prospect. This way any phone call can become a Whisbi session.

Capture results and lead data

A conversation with a lead often ends with a result, no matter the ending. The ending could vary from a sale, no sale or to invalid calls or leads. Agent managers are able to quantify results and analyse data to improve performance and manage the expectations of the upper management.

Media sharing tools

Enhance your guided selling capability in real-time with website sharing

Customers often need assistance completing online sales journeys – for example, filling in complex forms or finding their way through configuration services to complete a sale.

Live product demonstration using live video

Go beyond images and pre recorded videos and show the potential customer a live product demonstration in real time, to answer their specific questions.

Use the front camera on your iOS-device to communicate with your customers

Customer experience is greatly enhanced by real-time, direct and personal experience. Video allows agents to easily be empathetic and personalised during the sales process, through body language and facial expression.

Share professional pictures and offers via gallery using preloaded photos.

Agents often have access to professional materials prepared by the marketing team. This is often a powerful content that helps the agent to present the product value and make the sales process more effective.

Agent workflow tools

Improve information sharing with the chat function

Chat has proven to be a standalone channel in the sales funnel for customers as well as agents. Both can use the chat function during a Whisbi session to share information like hard to spell names, addresses and for other information exchange.

Increase agent efficiency when on the call with a customer

The new bookmark feature allows the agent to define bookmarks for the most important websites within the Whisbi tool so that it’s very easy and quick to find desirable information anytime during the sales process without interruption. The chosen website is launched after one-click interaction.

Allow agents to collect & store customer info during the session

Embedded notes in the Sales Assistant allows the agent to capture and write down relevant information quickly and easily during the call with the customer. The auto-saving mechanism guarantees that data is saved persistently and the content is accessible any time during and after the session.

Digitize your sales journey & bring the in-store experience online

Why route conversations from your online channels
to a physical retail store

Operational Efficiency

Use retail agents that are not currently servicing clients in stores to answer online client requests.

Increase Conversion Rates

Our data shows that retail sales reps convert at higher rates than call centre agents.

Improve Customer Experience

Video call with ability to share product video and agent screens make for better CX and further improve conversion rates.

Increase resilience

Shops are smaller units and not likely to be closed down by one cause unlike big call centers, and are therefore a great fallback.

Increase Flexibility

Use your retails agents for overflow traffic or specific lead sources and offer them the best customer experience.

Improve mobility & stability

Agents can drive sales conversation while working from home, a retail shop or a car dealership.

How worlds’ leading brands bring the in-store experience
online & sell more

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