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Capture and convert
leads on your website

Product synergy for your team to better
communicate with online customers

Engage with your web visitors at scale

Whisbi One-to-Many enables your team to engage with web visitors in real-time, reaching several to hundreds of viewers simultaneously.

Traditional vs Conversational Sales
  • Live video
  • Chat
  • Share media
  • Audience feedback
  • Tracking

Connect your web visitors with brand experts

The Whisbi chatbot works to segment and filter online audience, while maintaining engagement throughout the sales funnel; progressing conversations from chatbots to sales professionals ensuring your teams engage only with the hottest leads.

  • Engaging CTA
  • Data collection
  • Lead routing
  • Filter
  • Segment
Traditional vs Conversational Sales

Convert your web visitors into customers

Whisbi One-to-One helps your team increase web sales through assisted selling by creating more personalized conversations with online customers.

  • Live video
  • Live chat
  • Co-browsing
  • File transfer
  • NPS

Distribute online leads to your brand experts

Lead Distribution System

Bring the traditional shopping experience online by seamlessly connecting your offline and online channels in real-time.

Anytime & anywhere!

Enable online customers to connect with brand experts in real time, who can be based in any physical location: contact/chat centers, showrooms or dealerships.
Lead Distribution System

Measure, collect & analyse key insights

Measure your performance goals with the Whisbi Deck. Gain a better understanding of your customer's behavior and collect key insights through world-class analytics and reporting.

Whisbi mobile

Multichannel integrations that work for you

Analytics Integrations

Analytics Integrations

Integrate analytics platforms such as Tealium, Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics.

SMS sending

SMS sending

Replace your auto callback with an SMS that links the customer straight to a Whisbi session.



Flexible JS implementation for your website such as launchers, forms and landing pages.

Google search events

Google search events

Link directly to your future Whisbi events in Google search results.

Data Integrations

Data Integrations

Campaign data management and realtime integration with your CRM system.

IT Systems Integrations

IT Systems Integrations

PBX integration to use existing telephony. CTI connection to automate agent operations.

API built for developers

Customize your Whisbi experience. Make our platform work exactly as you want it with our flexible APIs.

Benefits that make Whisbi a Platform

Online sales conversion

Whisbi guarantees a 99% platform availability. We also commit to providing 24/7 support and intervention.

Digital sales revenue

We exceed the industry standard when it comes to protecting your security and customer data & are GDPR compliant.

Complex sales cicle

All our solutions are compatible with readily available hardware and systems typically found in Enterprises.

Ready to find out how Whisbi can boost your digital channels?