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Whisbi’s video broadcast works directly from your website, giving you full control

One of the major downsides to using Facebook for broadcasts is that it does not rank in search engines. This leaves you entirely reliant on Facebook and makes it almost impossible for customers to find your broadcasts through other channels.


Whisbi, on the other hand, allows you to broadcast video directly from your brand’s website. This way, you can stream it to your own traffic, use SEO to get it in front of exactly the right audience, and retain full control of your brand and messaging.

Whisbi makes it easier to interact with your viewers

Whisbi is designed for easier interaction — the platform is built for conversational sales.

The reality is that many of your broadcast viewers will probably have the same questions, so your presenters can keep an eye on the questions coming enduring the broadcast and answer live via video broadcast to your entire audience.

If you expect an enormous amount of simultaneous viewers you can split your broadcast on more concurrent channels, so that each presenter has a smaller amount of viewers and can therefore answer more questions in real time.

Whisbi can integrate with a wide range of platforms and tools

Since Whisbi is fundamentally a sales and marketing platform, it’s built to integrate with a whole host of tools and services like Salesforce, Google Analytics, and other call center technologies, all designed to tie your marketing together with sales and show results.

You are in good company

Whisbi tracks everything you need to drive sales

Whisbi tracks more detailed and sales-focused metrics. Our platform can evaluate and compare the performance of individual presenters, track common topics, and look at questions asked to discover what’s working for your audience and help you deliver a more effective and rewarding sales strategy.

Unlike Facebook, Whisbi isn’t blocked anywhere

One of the downsides of Facebook Live is that the platform is blocked in a number of regions. In China, for example, it’s difficult for the public to access the site. This limits your global reach with broadcasts.


Whisbi isn’t banned anywhere, which means you can access customers all over the world with our video broadcast solution. At Whisbi, our goal is to help you connect with your customers like never before, baking conversation and interaction into your entire process.

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