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Whisbi is focused on conversations and interactions

Whisbi is all about building intimate relationships and starting a conversation. It’s not for blasting your message to the whole world, it’s about speaking to your customers on your website, answering their questions, and showing them what your products can do.

Whisbi isn’t blocked anywhere

Whisbi’s video broadcast solution isn’t banned anywhere. Customers in just about every corner of the world can access your broadcasts and interact with your brand, allowing for truly global reach.

With Whisbi, your brand calls the shots

If you use 3rd party platforms, you give up some control of your brand. You’re playing by their rules and using their platform. Whisbi, on the other hand, allows you to broadcast directly from your brand’s website, maintaining full control and harnessing your own traffic and audience.


What’s more, Whisbi is much more sales-focused. Lead capture is built into the broadcast, and viewers can be directed to a landing page by a chatbot during the online event. 

You are in good company

Whisbi lets you analyze everything

The rich analytics options in Whisbi’s platform allow you to easily track all kinds of metrics like engagement rate and presenter score, giving you a clear and complete idea of how your audience is responding to your event

Whisbi is anonymous

Whisbi, unlike other live streaming platforms, allows your viewers to watch your live broadcast anonymously. There is no log-in or registration required. They only need to enter a name or a nickname in case they want to ask questions, so that your presenters can address them with the answers.

What is more, all questions/comments sent during the broadcast are private – only your presenters can see them. This helps with the control of the brand message & reputation. Your presenters can also block abusive users.

Whisbi has no
competitor ads

How many times did you watch a launch of a new phone or a car, just to see a competitor ad appearing right under the live stream? With Whisbi’s video broadcast solution, the live streams are hosted on your web assets and no competitor can advertise there.

Achieve incredible results

Increase customer engagement & deliver more delightful customer experience on your website with Video Broadcast by Whisbi solution.

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